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Studies on the impact of light in the workplace show that it is directly related to the well-being and health of those who spend most of their time in places illuminated with artificial light every day

The physiological functions of our body are naturally linked to the alternation of day and night (circadian rhythm), for this reason a reduced or excessive exposure to light can affect the quality of life. It therefore assumes fundamental importance, in the design of lighting for environments, not only to comply with technical rules and regulations, but also to consider the psychological and emotional impact linked to light.


Good lighting has positive effects on people, thus obtaining greater satisfaction from both patients and healthcare professionals.

In healthcare facilities, especially in the case of departments and facilities dedicated to long-term care, it becomes even more important to promote the well-being and comfort of patients by choosing the most suitable lighting solutions for every situation and need.


MedaLux ® products are very comfortable thanks to the combination of extremely uniform light distribution and the achievement of high color rendering indices.


MedaLux® products are classified as Medical Devices Class I.

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